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A siren and her nasty spell.
Done with mechanical 2B pencil on A4 sketchbook.



  1. Renee

    I must compliment you on your drawings. I found your blog while setting up one for my son, who is 18, doing mostly pencil drawings, and still refining his skills. Your fantasy work is so similar to his so it pulled me in to your gallery for a closer look. Really beautiful! Your digital drawings are spectacular! And this is just a hobby for you?! What training have you had – I’m curious!? Good job and keep that pencil moving…

    • Hi Renee thank you very much for your compliments!
      I’m really glad you like my drawings.
      Actually, I didn’t have any specific training or background on this, it is really just an hobby, nothing more.
      If I can give a little advice to your son i would say to continue working with pencils and only when he will have a clear view about shapes, shading and creativity, move to the digital painting. A lot of people start from CG because it is very simple obtain spectacular results (great colors and effects) but in the end they will miss something important! I made the same mistake, in fact as you can see my digitals are much older than my pencil works!
      I’m happy to see that your are now subscribed to my blog: feel free to comment and critique my future works as well.
      Thanks again for your comment and good luck to your son!

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