Cow girl

Click for full size image.

A female figure sketch with a touch of weirdness.
Done with mechanical 2B pencil on my A4 sketchbook.



    • Hi Inna!
      Thank you. Well I have made just some little works at school many years ago using China Ink with the crosshatching technique. You can see them inside the “School works” section.

    • Hey thank you Allicette, this is an huge compliment!
      I am used to read thriller and noir books, by authors like Stephen King (when I was child), Jeffery Deaver, Chuck Palahniuk, Ken Follett, Joe R. Lansdale and many many others (ah, you can see my bookshelf on My dreams are usually quiet, so I don’t think they are related with my drawings 🙂
      I don’t know why I like to draw strange stuff like this (or even worst), but I can say that I find extremely boring draw hyper-realistic things. I love to imagine “something” around my subjects… a story, an environment… a pain…
      Thank you again for the nice visit. I wish you a stunning 2011!

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